Why should I use it?

The only thing easier than keeping track of your goals with pen and paper is using this app. Technology won’t change your habits but you can use it to improve on what you already do.

Why do I have to signup using Facebook?

Simplicity. Facebook integration makes it relatively simple to focus on features instead of a complicated sign in process. Also, there will be new features in the app soon you’ll probably like and they include some social integrations.

Why aren’t there any alerts/notifications?

Notifications are in the works.There are notifications on Tasks now.

Are you going to turn CurrentRoute into a company?

No plans for that at the moment, but I’m open to it.

How do you handle my sensitive data?

Most sensitive data remains on Facebook or a third party application called Auth0. At the moment no sensitive info is stored on CurrentRoute’s servers. For more info see the privacy policy.

How does CurrentRoute make money?

It doesn’t yet... $0.99 download. :-D